Our sizing guides & explanations are provided below.  We have shown two ways to work out your size below.

These charts are designed to be for guidance only, and apply to our ready to buy items, for our custom-made pieces we can create designs for any size & height.



The Garment Measurement Guide below shows for each size what the garment will measure across one side of the garment. In some styles the measurements may vary slightly but they will not be less than that listed below.


The chest measurement is taken from one armhole to the other. Waist measurement is taken across the narrowest part of the waist.

For example, for a size 10, the chest of the garment will measure 19” across one side and the waist will measure 17” across one side at the very least, in some styles it may be slightly bigger but no smaller.  To find your size we recommend that you measure a kurta or tunic that fits you well across the chest and waist, to work out what your size might be, you may want to opt for a bigger size if you like a looser fit.

This guide shows what each garment will measure in inches across one side for each size.

garment size guide.png
Where to Measure your Garment



Alternatively, you can use our Body Measurement Guide to calculate what size might be best for you. To use this guide, you need to measure around your chest and waist in inches using a measuring tape.


To find your measurements you must do the following

Chest – measure all around the fullest part of your bust in inches

Waist – measure all around the narrowest past of your waist, your natural waistline, in inches

For example, if your chest/bust measures 37" and waist measures 30" we would recommend a size 12.  For a looser fit you could opt for a size 14.


We normally suggest using the chest/bust size as main point of reference, but waist must be factored in for more fitted styles.  Some of our styles have zips and some do not, this will be mentioned in the description so please consider this when checking your size.

This guide requires you to measure your own body in inches, around fullest part of bust/chest and narrowest part of waist – your natural waistline, to calculate your size (see picture).  The corresponding UK size is show on the left.

body measuring guide.png
Where to Measure your Body
measuring guide.png

If you are unsure of your size, you can send us a message through our contact page for further assistance.